LMS & SCORM - is it possible to pass the score earlier?


we got the problem, that our customer wants to get the scores before reaching the result slide.

The LMS shows the scores after 10 minutes or after reaching the result slides.

Is there a possibility to change the time intervall to perhaps 1 minute?
Or is a  passing (commit) of the scores before reaching the result slide possible?

It seems it is not possible to do this in SL - so maybe we've to change the Configuration Javascript File...?

THX for any help!



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Ralf  Baum

Hi Oliver,

the 10 min delay sounds like a specification of the LMS. I know from working with a lot of LMS that the transmission of the result works immediately.
In Storyline you'll need the result slide because otherwise no information will be send to the LMS if the user has passed/failed the course.

What about using a blank result slide and position it immediately after the last quiz slide? If the user needs an information if he/she has passed the course you can create your own pass/fail slide with the variables of Storyline

Best regards



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Oliver,

It's something we'd have to defer to the community experts about, as we can't support modifications to the published output. So just do so with extreme caution and create a back up copy of your file in case. Also, you mentioned HTML5 so I did want to share the supported browsers for HTML5 output as well. 

Kelly Kung

Hi Oliver,

I've heard many terms for what your looking to do:'heart beat', 'stay alive', "Content session time', etc. 


The Articulate source file called lms.js file is where this value can be updated, look for the line:

setInterval("ForceCommit()", 600000);

Change this to:

setInterval("ForceCommit()", 300000);

That numeric value is milliseconds.  The original 600000 = 10 minutes and 300000 of course equals the new five minutes.

Just make sure this update is included in your published course.  Also, if this doesn't seem to be working then in your course, pick a certain slide, and do an Execute JavaScript, When the timeline starts.  In the Script Field put this in there:


Once you get to that slide, it should automatically force a commit and the LMS should update the session's time.



Oliver Eisele

Hi Kelly,

thx for your reply!
It's funny - the solution with
setInterval("ForceCommit()", 300000);
we allready found out yesterday  - and it works!
we set the Intervall to 60.000 to get it every Minute... but we worry a bit about the traffic which will be now...

The other thing with the JS we'll try too - thx for that!