LMS stops receiving information from Storyline 360 Training

Oct 23, 2018

Dear All,

My company is using the SAP SF LMS, and we are having a problem with user results being reported back to the LMS. With one specific training, some (not all) users progress through the training as normal; however, when they reach the score summary page, they can see their results, but the page freezes. When pulling the score results, all of them show that the LMS stopped receiving results at a random point in the training (some at the beginning, some 20% in, some 60% in etc.). And even though they saw their score, when they re-enter the activity, they are taken back to the place where the LMS stopped receiving information. Usually they can successfully complete by closing their browser entirely and opening it again. However, after spending 1.5 hours on a training, none are too keen to take it again.

We started a high-priority ticket with SAP a week ago; however, they have not been able to solve the problem. They have indicated it may be our company's network configuration, or it may be the content. 

Again, this is an intermittent problem, and IT can't re-create it. It is launched to 1300 employees around the world, and there is no apparent trend in who is affected. We have had about 500 successful completions. This is a relatively long training.

Has anyone seen anything like this? If so, I would love to hear your experience. We have many resources on this problem, but we are not gaining any traction.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie, 

I can imagine how frustrating this is to not know the root or cause of this issue, especially when you or your IT team are unable to create it. 

Are all your learners accessing on the same devices, browsers, or from the same location? 

You mentioned a network connection - for the learners that are reporting this, are they all offset or on various connections? It sounds likely that they lost their internet connection or it dropped momentarily and that would prevent the LMS from continuing to track their progress. If that's the case, I'd look at implementing a method to let learners know when their connection has been lost. 

I'd also suggest you confirm that everyone is using a supported browser - you'll see the options listed here for Storyline 360. 

Taking those two steps should help resolve the issue for your learners.

If you need any other help, we'll be standing by.


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