LMS tracking does not work in Internet Explorer

I am having issues with tracking with an Articulate 360 course in our LMS (NetDimensions). The LMS tracking does not work in I.E. It does work in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. So it took me a while to discover where it went wrong. In Internet Explorer, unfortunately the default browser of my client, the course does not resume where it was left if you pause in the middle and it does not reach the completed status. I never had this issue in Storyline2 (same client,same LMS, same browser).

I changed my publishing options from flash/HTML5 fallback to HTML5/Flash fallback but that is no solution. Looking through the community I find loads of stuff about the performing issues that were solved a few months ago but no new issues on tracking like this. Anyone any ideas?

Anouk van Dijk

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Anouk van Dijk

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the information.

Unfortunately it is not an option for me to get my client to change settings on all individual computers. And other courses do track (in Storyline2 there is no issue) so I think there must be another solution. Rebuilding the course in SL2 is my final resort :-(