I create e-learning modules using Articulate and plan to have them accessed on WordPress. I have an LMS. I want to be able to have the reports of the test/quizzes completed by my students in a spreadsheet format where I will be able to see who completed what and how they did. I am aware of the LRS. I just need clarification here. Do I need an LRS to be able to have the above task completed!? Then what role does the LMS play here!?

2nd part of the question:
What's the difference between the SCORM and Tin CAN API!?

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Joshua Dunbar

Hi Hanieh,

This is a question you'd want to double-check with your LMS provider. All of the LMS platforms I've worked with have an 'Exams Report'. This type of report covers the basics of what you're looking for! However, taking that data and exporting it to a spreadsheet is going to be dependent on the LMS provider and varies. 

A Learning Record Store (LRS) is typically used in conjunction with the Tin Can API to collect, store and retrieve people’s learning experiences. By storing the learner experiences it allows the data to be presented in a way that makes it accessible and easy to interpret. However, it tends to be used for richer data collection and supplies extra information most LMSes haven't had the resources to implement (i.e. How long did it take the student to complete the course).  You shouldn't need an LRS for your use-case unless you're looking to store and retain detailed records of your courses

I recommend on learning about xAPI (Tin Can API) and SCORM referencing the following guides:

Introduction to the Tin Can 

A Quick Introduction to SCORM 

A quick comparison is that Tin Can is 'newer' and known to be a bit more reliable, it offers enhanced tracking options, and delivers more options for what kind of data you collect.

However, the user experience delivered by SCORM and Tin Can are similar. The content that the course delivers won’t differ too much. Both will allow learners to launch courses, bookmark and complete them, answer quizzes, and pass.

Hope this helps!