lmsAPI calls working in Flash and HTML5, but navigation breaks in HTML5 ONLY

Jul 07, 2017

Good evening Heroes -

I'm hoping someone may have encountered this issue (and found a solution)! 

Here are the pertinent details:

  • I have a storyline 2 course set to publish for AICC and include HTML5 output and running the course through our LMS.
  • I use an Execute JavaScript that includes several lmsAPI function calls on the first page of the course.
  • The lmsAPI function calls work in terms of allowing me to get values from the LMS and set them to my Storyline variables in both the Flash and HTML5 output.
  • However, in the HTML5 output ONLY, the navigation breaks (whether built-in or custom button).  I can't navigate to the next page in my course. When I click my button to go the next page,  but the next page doesn't appear.  

Thanks for any advice.

- Brandon


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Brandon Beaver

Thanks Matthew. I appreciate your quick response.  I was actually on that thread earlier this evening. 

My problem actually doesn't lie with getting the actual values back from the function calls.  That part works, I get the desired values.  It's just that the navigation breaks!  It's the strangest thing to be honest.  The only way I can get the navigation to work again in the HTML5 output is to remove or comment out those lmsAPI function calls.  If I do that, sure enough the nav in the HTML5 output works like a charm.  Obviously that doesn't help in getting both the values and my navigation to work!

Brandon Beaver

Sure.  On the first page of the course, the first trigger that I have running is my execute javascript (which includes my lmsAPI functions).  I've got some graphics on the page as well as my custom button to start the course.  I know the function calls are working because I've got some text fields that are displaying the variable values on the page as well.

However, when I click on that start button to get to the next page, the next page doesn't load. The first page is still displayed.  The trigger on that Start button is just a Jump to slide trigger, nothing special. Interestingly, I noticed that when I look at the seek bar it appears to go back to the beginning like it's going to start over.  However, when I click the play button on the seek bar, what I hear is actually the audio for the SECOND page - not the graphics and other elements, but JUST the audio.  So after I click that Start button on the first page what I see is everything for that first page, but what I hear is the audio for the second. 

It's almost as if the first page is stuck on top of that second page. 

Keep in mind this problem only occurs when the HTML5 output is run.

Thanks for your input Matthew.


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