Loading Issues, Audio Issues, and Trigger Issues - Oh My!

Aug 16, 2017

I have placed a ticket, but in the meantime, maybe some of you can help?

I upgraded from Storyline 2 to 3 yesterday. I converted a large project today and am having issues. Note that this project has been published for Web in HTML5 only.

Loading issue:
Internet loading time is worse in Storyline 3. This loading issue is causing problems with the graphics (they aren't loading quick enough) and with audio (the animations stop syncing up correctly). I have tested in both Chrome and IE. 

Audio Issue:
I have two (or more) audio tracks on slides. The background noise audio track is MUCH lower. When I open the project in IE, it is somehow making the audio levels the same (instead of the voice regular, and the background noise quieter). Audio level for the background noise was changed at the file level (versus adjusting once within Articulate). Depending on their order on the timeline: If I have the narration track above the background track, then it ups the volume of the background track to match; If I have the background track above the narration track, then it lowers the narration track to match.

Trigger Issue:
I have triggers set up to show different layers once you visit a "stop" or specific slide, and then go back to the "main map" - those triggers work in Preview mode, but not in Chrome or IE. 


Some of these issues I was experiencing in Storyline 2 as well and was magically hoping Storyline 3 would fix.


Storyline2 version: http://udrlearning.com/rhianna/

Storyline 3 version: http://udrlearning.com/SL3/


Working files are proprietary and cannot be added here, sorry.

Thank you for your help.

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