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I am new to storyline.  I have taken over online presentation duties for my company.  I have a storyline player we have been using which has worked in the past.  Before I activated my program with our key code I was able to import our player on another computer I was using with the 30 day trial.  It imported the player with no problems.  Well there was an issue but that is for another question. But when I tried to load the player with my activated program I got a error message something like player type not supported.

When I tried to re-import the player thinking it was rejected but  it said I already had a player with that name.  When I go to select the player it is not available in the menu only the storyline default and storyline in project options are available.  My imported player is not an option.  Where do I go to get my player?  This player has worked in the past, but now I can't even assess it.  Our player had our logo, color scheme, and had slide advance and return restrictions (no advance or return buttons) as our course has minimum time restrictions to prevent the material being skipped to get to the quizzes/tests if the material has not been previously viewed.

I am clueless, hence the question.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Joseph!

For the issue in your first post, we'd be happy to take a closer look at it. Please submit a case, including your .story file, using this link so our support team can assist you further.

As for the three questions in your second post:

  1. Not at this time, but we always welcome feature requests
  2. Can you go into more detail about the logo glitch? 
  3. From Story View, you can shift-click on whichever slides you'd like to disable navigation for, and deselect the controls in the bottom-right of your Storyline window, under your slide's properties.
Joseph   Peterka

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Thanks for your quick response!  As far as the logoglitch…When I first loaded the logo it was hidden behind the sidebar.  Iremoved it and then reloaded it and the problems was resolved, and it appearedwas as it should.  Hence I referred to it as a glitch.

I have resolved my player issue by taking a project I hadstarted on my laptop with the 30 trial version and pasting it into my certifiedversion’s Articulate Projects file and then opening the project.  Myplayer was then available in the purchased program.  When I first tied toload the player I got an error message, something about not beingcompatible.  Sorry didn’t get a screen shot to show you exactly what itsaid. 

One other point, when my player originally came up in thepreview it contained no forward and back bottoms which is how I use it, butthen showed them the next time I went into player properties.  I havesince removed the buttons from the slide properties window as you mentionedwith the control A shortcut.

As our presentation need to meet certian educational standards(time on task) for the user to receive CPU’s, the need to prevent zip-thoughtsis essential for us to maintain our credentials.

Thanks again,