loading spinner not showing on back - workaround

Hi there

My team have a client who has noticed on the HTML5 version of the storyline output, the loading spinner sometimes doesn't appear when the back button is pressed.

As a work around, we intend to use a javaScript trigger to tell the spinner to appear on each page, when the back button is pressed and disappear on each page, once it is loaded.

We're going to do it with something like this - proof of concept is working:

 function setSpinner(dir){
  if(dir === "show"){
   document.querySelector("#loadingSpinner").style.display = "";
   document.querySelector("#loadingSpinner").style.display = "none";

Our concerns are that

- this will need to be added to each page as a trigger.

- this may stop working when the LMS bookmarks a page bookmarking.

Can anyone see any other reason why not to do something like this? Or any other issues?

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