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Oct 27, 2013

I have been trying to embed a Storyline output into Moodle so that it will appear inline with the lesson content. I have been having no luck. I appreciate that this may be a Moodle problem but assistance would be apprecaited.

I have uploaded the Storyline output files for SWF files and created the respective folders. When I attempt to insert the SWF file "story.swf" It doe snot preview and nothing shows up in the lesson but a blank page.

Any suggestions?

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Stefano Posti


The best and easiest way to produce course modules for a LMS such as Moodle is to use the Articulate Storyline PUBLISH FOR LMS option.

I'd suggest to publish your course using SCORM 1.2 option with passed/incomplete tracking option if your' using a quiz at the end of your course, or complete/incomplete if you want to use the slide viewed option.

When published, upload your zip Scorm file to your LMS and create a moodle activity in your course using the SCORM feature; give it a size of 1000x700, or play with all parameters for your needs, and you'll se your course.

Hope it helps!


Donald Ardiel

I may not have communicated the problem satisfactorily.  Publishing to either LMS or Web site in Storyline is not the problem. The problem is that once the files are uploaded to the Moodle_data/repository using FTP, the links between the files do not appear to function. When I create a label or page and link to either story.html, story_html5.html or story.swf, nothing happens. A new page windows opens and it is blank. The links work fine when opened in a browser on the desktop but the same files do not fucntion when transferred to Moodle.

Dan Marsden

Hi Donald,

relative links from inside a Moodle repository isn't supported like that in the current Moodle release.

I think what you are looking for is something I've just implemented in the SCORM module in Moodle 2.6 (releases soon)

information on this is available here:

(see the item under "Selecting an imsmanifest.xml from an unzipped SCORM in a file system repository" in that post)

If you don't want to use SCORM and want to add your content as a resource then you must add all files from your package into that "resource" and set a "main file" to load first. The easiest way to do this is by selecting a zipped package and then unzipping it while adding a resource - more info here:

Michael Cenkner

Hi folks.  Also have issues with the index page not displaying.

The steps are, Add resource>Add file>upload Zipped file>unzip> select the index page as Main Page> Save and Display

I've followed these steps, more than once, but like others what I'm seeing is a blank page when I click my final html page.

We are using Moodle 2.6. We don't want to use the SCORM module bcs we don't want the Gradebook items.

As others have pointed out, this used to be simple in the days of Moodle 1.x.  Anyway I will repost this on the Moodle side. Thx



Carrie Booth

This thread makes me chuckle! I needed Stefanos first answer, and just figured out the original query-- or at least I think so.

I too want a seamless Moodle experience for my courses... ie avoid the annoying need to press enter.  Sadly, when you use the Scorm format in Moodle, you loose the ability to Always skip the entrance page.  This is my work around hack!  I just made this video to document the work around... 

Maybe it will help you all as well!


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Diego,

Hopefully Heather will be able to pop in and help you out here, but just in case, would you be able to share what you are having a problem with so that someone can step in to assist you? I know we have many Moodle users in the community :)

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • Are you getting an error when uploading to Moodle?
  • Can you upload the LMS output to SCORM Cloud successfully?

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