Loading time problem, around 80 seconds for 17 MB xAPI

Hi all,

I am optimizing for a long time my xAPI-files. I shrinked the pictures by 66 % descreasing the published file to just 17,5 MB. But though the loading time is terrible. Just terrible. For the first time it needs at least 80 seconds from slide 1 to slide 2. At any device or system. Or the file even doesnt show up after several minutes of waiting on my LMS. 

Please test for youself (just type a random name and mail to access):

At the same time I want to raise a ticket, dont find the URL. I just uploaded the storyline-file to support with this link: <communicated to your support>



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Thorsten Holt

Hi there,

your support had a deep look into my file. Thanks for that.

Unfortunately there is no solution and loading time of my drag and drop quiz will stay about over 1 minute at least.

For all important to know. The reason is, that too many drag and drop objects are on one single quiz slide. I have about 72 objects and about 10 drop targets. So keep that in mind if anybody falls into the same pit than me. 
For me it means I have to have a workaround for that problem. I can´t change the learning concept and its not possible to reduce the number of objects on the slide.

So I ask you all who has an idea to use the browser cache for my workaround.
Because after the xAPI-file was loaded once it is in the cache of the browser. Every further start has no long loading times.

As I have about 20 xAPI-files (each 20MB file size) my idea is to create one page that explains the user that he should take a cup of tea, connect to a wifi, should click one button and shall return after 10 minutes or so.
The button should automatically start all 20 files in a separate browser window.  All files will load and the user should close all browser windows after returning.

Or do you have an idea how to let load xAPI-files in the background or upfront into the browser cache?


Michael Anderson

I understand that. Feel free to send it to me privately, but realize I do not work for Articulate. I was just going to see if there was anything I could do to help. I will not share your file anywhere and will delete it when done working on it.

You can make initial contact through my profile link here, not sure if we are supposed to post email addresses in the forum or not. https://community.articulate.com/users/MichaelAnderson-d55468dd-2bd0-4795-905b-70a31452622a

I did try to open your Scorm Cloud link above, but I finally gave up after waiting quite a while. :)