Loading time for a slide

Hi, does someone know what the best way is to build a slide/slides for people with low bandwidth? If I have a slide with 6 x 150kb of audio files, does it help to have layers so that someone has to click to access the audio on a layer? (so 6 layers). 

Or would I be better off having 6 slides so that the loading time for each slide is reduced?

Sorry, I'm not putting this across very well!! I've watched a learner working on our content and when they clicked next, the slide seemed to take a long time to load so I'm wondering what the best way is to design it to load with less wait time...

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Gerry Wasiluk


Is the course just for users with the Flash Player or also for folks in HTML5 (like on iPads)?

Here's how Storyline courses preload when launched:  http://www.articulate.com/support/storyline/how-content-is-preloaded-in-storyline

If your learners are using PCs/laptops with the Flash Player installed, and your bandwidth is low, you might want to introduce an artificial delay at the beginning of your course--say 10-20 seconds.  I'll sometimes use a slide with a blinking "Please wait . . . loading . . . " message on it.

Then I try to keep my initial slides very light.  The goal is to have the entire course download to the browser's cache and memory by the first couple of slides.

For learners with iPads and viewing as HTML5, things get a bit murkier.  Many IPads don't cache as well as PCs.  For that, I'd aim to keep the narration on each slide short--no more than 30 seconds a slide if I can.