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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Thomas,

Can you share an image of what this page looks like? I don't believe I've seen that text before on a course that is opening from an LMS - I test solely at SCORM Cloud for LMS issues, and you may want to test it there yourself to confirm as it's a free, industry standard testing method for SCORM content.

Please let us know if you're able to test there and don't see that text, or if you still do - could you share an image or even a link to the course hosted on SCORM Cloud?

Thomas Albright

My instincts tell me that it appears before the player loads in the POPUP and so it is an element of how the LMS loads content as opposed to an element of the course produced with Storyline.

It happens in this order.

Click Launch in the LMS

Then the Loading screen comes up.

Then if you do not have a POPUP blocker on the course loads.