Loading Videos dynamically without embedding them into storyline2

Jul 08, 2018

Hello Heroes;

I am having an accordion slide containing 11 items, on hover each item a video is played on the same slide.

On clicking each item, it opens a shape with 3 or 4 links to other videos in the same slide.

That means that I am having more than 40 videos into the slide.

I am playing these videos by embedding them all, that means more than 40 different layers which is not good for me.

My question is, aren't there a way (with linked example) to have only one layer that call all these videos and play them without embedding each video in different layer?

I need an object that I can change its source to the new video when hover or clicking a button.

Thanks in advance

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Leslie McKerchie

That's a lot of videos Ahmed.

It sounds like the layer solution is working well for you, but I can understand that is a bit of upkeep. 

If you found a way to keep all of the videos in one place, I fear you would run into objects overlapping and also having to maintain many variables and triggers to make it work correctly.

I'd love to hear from someone in the community on how they've worked and managed a similar project.

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