Locally Installed Google Web Font Issues

Hi everyone,

We're working on a project that called for the font Oswald from Google Web Fonts, and multiple people are touching the Storyline file. When I first built the prototype, I installed the font locally on my machine and it worked perfectly. The same was done by the developer who took over.

Now that it is being QA'd, we have other people making the smaller edits, but they're all reporting issues with the font not rendering or even being listed in Storyline. We've already verified that they've installed the font locally, and had Storyline shut down at the time, but to no avail.

I've seen in older threads that non-standard fonts aren't expected to work if they don't work in Microsoft Office programs, but this one appears to work just fine in the other programs.

Could this be some sort of bug in Storyline?

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Michael Jones

Hi Ashley,

It's impacting 4 out of 6 people that have opened the file. Initially, I thought it was a bug with Windows 7 machines, but we've since seen the erratic behavior on two Windows 10 machines.

What's interesting is we had everyone test Oswald in their installations of Microsoft Office Suite, and 2 of the folks with the issue in Storyline are also having issues with it in PowerPoint—but it's working for everyone in Word.

Any ideas?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

If the problems are still present for some users in Powerpoint, I would suspect it's the font itself than just the particular program. Is there anything else different about your set up? Office version? Confirmed to all be using the same Storyline version? Did you all download and install the font from the same location? If someone who has the font change makes update to the file and shares it back with someone who the font works normally - does that person experience difficulty with it?

mayuresh saka


I am facing the issues with different fonts. when the flash output is played the fonts look as they are used, but when the HTML5 output is viewed the fonts changes.
(I am using SL2 Update 9: 1605.1919 and Windows 10)

In attached screenshot.jpg you can see the difference in font when viewed in flash vs html5 version.

Any suggestion to solve this issue.