Locating Aria-label for buttons

Good afternoon! I am trying to make my storyline 360 module accessible and we have tested Jaws screen reader and the alt text is showing the correct name. I need to see what the Aria-label name is for the buttons. Where do I locate the Aria-labels for each button? 

I have seen articles that state Jaws has difficult with Storyline if the button has different states. Is that true?

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Sam Hill

Hi Brent, the way to find the label that a button has is to Right click the element, select the accessibility tab and you will see the Alt text field. This is the label that is read by JAWS. If it is a text button, by default the Alt is the text content of the button.

There have been recent improvements in reading states of buttons, and so you should make sure you have the latest version of SL 360. You can edit the states and define a unique Alt text for each state of a button.

Be aware that the disabled state of a button is not read, it is removed from the screen reader access entirely. When the button is enabled it can then be seen by the screen reader. This differs from standard HTML in that you would normally be able to still access the button but understand it was disabled.

Also be aware that any element added to a slide is by default accessible by the screen reader, and so you have to make a conscious effort to remove UI elements from screen reader access.

Hope that helps out, let me know if you need any more clarification.