Locating Engage & Quiz Files?

As part of our migration to HTML5, I'm converting Presenter course to Storyline 360.  The person who created the course is no longer with the company.   

I was able to import the content and save it to my local drive. (It was previously saved to a shared drive.) It carried over the Engages and Quizzes.  I am able to edit both; however, I can't find where the updated files are actually located. 

There is folder after folder of previous versions and drafts (on the shared drive). Is there a way to find the file path for the Engages & Quizzes that Storyline is linking to? Or is there a way to do a 'save as' to my local drive?

I don't want to start from scratch because the course is scheduled to undergo a more thorough review later this year.  


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Penny Spacht

I believe I found a workaround based on this old post.

Here is what I did:
1. In Storyline, select Edit in Engage
2. In Engage click on File > select Send option
3. In my case, Outlook opens. The Engage is attached. Right click and choose Save As and Save it to your course folder. Close the email. (You don’t have to send it.)

This not only allowed me to have a copy of the Engage file, but when I hit Save and Return to Storyline, it updated the Engage thumbnails in my Storyline file. Prior to that it was showing the original thumbnails – even thought I had updated the formatting and content.

This leads me to believe I don’t have to worry about finding the original files. Please let me know if there are any problems with this solution. Thanks!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Penny!

Thank you so much for returning to this discussion with a workaround! As long as you're saving the Engage file then you can import it into Storyline. This looks like a great method! Thank you for sharing!

If you run into any snags, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team directly.

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Penny!

That's a great conversation to have!

  • Engage: When you import an interaction into Storyline, a copy of the original interaction (*.intr) file is stored in your Storyline (*.story) file. Also, Engage interactions are imported into Storyline as web objects. This means that they'll play as standalone interactions that are embedded in your course, and any changes won't appear on the slide thumbnail.
  • Quizmaker: After importing a quiz into Storyline, you can edit questions directly in Storyline like any other slide. 

The Send option is brilliant if you need a copy of the updated Engage file and want the thumbnails to reflect your edits. I appreciate you sharing what you found with the community!

Let us know if you have any questions!