Lock button next and back to the slide

Hi all,

I have a question.

I have to do functionality that student will not hear the slide can not go to the next slide 

So I do triggers:

Change state of the next button to Disable When the timeline starts,
Change state of the next button to Normal When the timeline ends,

And it would solve the problem. But when the student returns to the slide button next should be unlocked unfortunately, it is not.

1. I know it can be done in variable however, I will do a lot of slides and this solution is too time-consuming. I needs something simpler,

2. I know it can be done in Player -> Menu -> Navigation Restriction: Restriced. However, in this case, the button still does not look blocked (not disable)

How else can I solve this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arkadiusz,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing your .story file. It reminded me of another known issue where it was occurring with buttons that were initially set to hidden as well. I'm going to share this with our team as well as they continue to investigate the first issue but you may also want to look at using the variable method as the workaround as that's the documented work around for the hidden navigation buttons as well. 

Keithia Kirkaldy

Thank you for this information.  I was having similar problem with a slide that branches back from other slides.  I was able to put the variable in and set all the navigation buttons to be true when clicked on and then on the Next button, I put a condition that if the variable is true the next button enables when the timeline starts.

This was a life saver.

Daniel Servan


I have another solution without using a variable.
Instead, I've added a rectangle shape with 2 states Normal and Visited.

At the end of the timeline, I change the state to Visited.
And add a condition at 0.25s:

If indicator is normal, Set the state of the Next button to Disable, else, Next button remain active.
Why I need 0.25s? It is because when the timeline start, the indicator is still normal. That is why I need few seconds to make the condition to TRUE.