Lock player to top edge of window???

Feb 19, 2018


I have been working on a course in Storyline 360 (Windows 7 64bit). I am having a bit of trouble regarding the placing  of the course in the player window on our customers LMS.

The LMS in question is called PingPong, and the storyline 360 course is published as a SCORM 1.2 package.

I have chosen to 'scale player to fill browser window' in the publishing settings. This has worked best for me since the window in PingPong is quite small and this option of settings makes sure it always fits and doesn't get cropped.

The trouble I'm having is that, on certain screen resolutions, scrolling is necessary to see the whole player window. Our customer isn't happy about this and would like to know whether there is any way of getting the player to lock itself to the top edge of the player window (see attached image). This upper spacing happens sometimes regardless of web browser. So the optimal solution would be to lock it to the top edge. 

After speaking to some of our customers IT-staff, they suggested that there might be a way to fix this by changing something in the code in the published course folder.

I have virtually no knowledge regarding code, I'm just a video producer, so I'm really hoping there is a solution to this.


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