Lock the Menu post publishing

Some time ago, I had learned a trick to lock the menu after publishing. We did this by going into the story_content folder, opening the XML frame file, and changing the <option name = "flow" value ="free"  /> from "free" to "restricted".

We did this to avoid having to lower the time on each slide to allow proper navigation (the default time is five seconds per slide).

This trick is no longer locking the menu. I suspect it is Flash related as internet explorer doesn't seem to be supporting Flash anymore.

Does anyone know of another trick to lock the menu after publishing? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Christopher. I'm sharing our supported way of restricting navigation for those who come across this discussion. This works pre-publishing. It sounds like you are looking to specifically lock the menu without disabling the Next button, however.

If anyone in the community has workarounds with published output, please feel free to share!

Christopher Danello

That's correct.  Using the method mentioned above, we were able to send the product to review (allowing reviewers to access specific slides), and then posting the product without having to re-publish.

It's not a showstopper, but if there is another way to do this, that would be great,