Locked navigation in SL

I'm looking to create navigation for my Storyline course with the following requirements, but don't know if this is possible.  And if so, I don't know what settings I'd select for this to work:

1) On the 1st time thru the course, the learner has to visit every screen before completing a final quiz or quiz questions interspersed throughout the course -- so this would be Locked Navigation.

2) After failing the quiz/quiz questions, the learner automatically is directed back to the beginning of the course, when selecting the "next" button on the final screen (that I know how to do).  When they get to the beginning of the course, then, this 2nd time, they're able to select whatever screens they want -- which would be "Unlocked Navigation."

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Greg,

You could set this up tracking variables, and uset the method here to disable the next button until they've viewed the slide and interacted with all elements. That would allow them to advance only through those slides that they've seen - and you'll want to add an additional variable to track if it's the 1st or 2nd time through the slide - if it's the 2nd time, you'll need to set the trigger for the next button to include that element as well following this tutorial.