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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Simon,

I'm not sure what you mean by "not synchronized" but the ability to lock a question within a slide draw would allow you to say that after a user answers Question A they'll always also answer Question B next. This way you can have coordinating questions, say two questions dealing with a particular reading that a student may have completed on the previous slide. This "lock" mechanism will apply if you choose to draw questions from a bank randomly, instead of in the order you placed them in. For more information on how the draw from question banks works, please review this tutorial. 

Sarah humby

Thanks for that

What I've noticed is that you can set up that locking both in a question bank (via: Home, Insert, Question Banks) 

and you can also set up locking (of that same question bank) when inserting or editing a Slide Draw.

But if you lock slides in both places you won't necessarily see the same slides have been locked:

For example:

I went to Home, Insert, Question Banks and locked slides 1 & 2 together

Then I inserted a Slide Draw and in it's dialog box I locked slides 5 & 6 together (from that same question bank) (at that stage slides 1 & 2 were being shown as locked as they should be)

But when I returned to Home, Insert, Question Banks - only slides 1 & 2 were locked (slides 5 & 6 appeared unlocked even though I had just locked them).

And I have also noticed situations where each location had totally different locked slides - even though I would have thought that those locations were actually the same location - being the one and only slide bank in the project

What do you think? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Simon,

I think I'm following what you've said here in the example so I set up a test project, and for the second time that you go to insert the question bank, I did not have any slides locked together. This is dealing with it as a whole new slide draw, and therefore they could be locked in a different order or not at all. Even though it's using the same question bank, it will be treated as a whole new draw each time you Insert a question bank. If I click to view the current slide draw, I see that both 1 and 2 and 5 and 6 were locked together. 

If I'm misunderstanding how you've set this up, please let me know. It may be helpful if you can share your .story file here with us.