Locking answer in Storyline Quiz

A feature in Quizmaker 09 is the ability to lock a answer in place while others may randomize.  I just finished my first Storyline quiz and cannot find that feature.  Very important for my ALL OF THE ABOVE selections.  Can you please point me to its location (assuming it's there)..Part 2 - if the feature is not in Storyline, how can I move my quiz to Quizmaker 09 so that I can use the feature there?



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Brian Batt

Hi Michael,

It's not currently possible to anchor answers in Storyline.  If you'd like to see that implemented into a future release, please submit a feature request to us by using the link below:


Since we convert Quizmaker '09 to a native quiz question in Storyline, it's not currently possible to import it to maintain that feature.

Peter Anderson

Hey Sij!

That's a tricky one - it's still not possible to anchor answers in Storyline. 

So if you need to keep the randomize feature, maybe you could rephrase the "All of the above" to something that wouldn't look so awkward when randomized? For Example:

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Duckbilled Platypus 
  • All 3


  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Dogs, Cats, and Duckbilled Platypus
  • Dog and Cat

I hope someone in the community can jump in and provide a more creative approach

Luciana Cotten

Has there been any resolution to this issue? I have resorted to changing the verbiage from "all of the above" to "all answers are correct". For example:

A.  Red

B.  Blue

C.  Green

D.  All answers are correct

This way regardless of where answer (d) ends up in the shuffle - it makes sense. However, I would prefer to use the traditional "all of the above" language in the quizzes that I create in storyline.

Rich Calcutt

Hi Guys, 

I cant resist wading in on this because a) I'm sure there's a hideously complex way of achieving this manually, and b) I've had a few beers tonight and I feel like a challenge!

So if you're ready for my staggeringly un-elegant solution to this here goes. This is a single side with a question and 4 answers, one of which (always the last one) is 'All of the above'. Every time the user answers the question and returns to the slide, the answers change order. View the published file here.

I hope this is the effect you wanted, Michael! If not, I still had a fun half hour making this thing (mainly to prove to myself that I could do it!)

Basically what's happening is every time the user submits the answer and goes to a following slide, a number variable gains 1 unit. On the question slide, the states of the answers are triggered to change based on the value of the number variable. So, they aren't random - there is a pattern their appearance - however it is masked pretty well and I don't think many people would notice that it wasn't actually random. 

I've attached the storyline file, and the triggers may look a little complex. I'm sure there's a more elegant way of doing this, but this is my version!   Change the questions/answers to suit your need. There's a number of invisible objects around though, and these will need to be resized if you change any of the sizes on the visible objects.

If anyone plans on using this and has any trouble, PM me and I'll do my best to help. 

I hope this has been useful to someone other than me!