Locking number of attempts in Storyline 3



I have published a course as a SCORM file and uploaded to my LMS (Litmos). Litmos has told me that I cannot lock a SCORM module within the system, but my authoring tool might. So, I am wondering if there is any way to set a course attempt to a max of 1 prior to publishing the file.




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Crystal Horn

Hi Lindsey!  Check out the resume option in the Player Properties window.  You could set the course to Always Resume (meaning they'll return to the last slide they were on), and then make sure there are no navigation options on the last slide to start the course over.  If it's the results slide, check both the success and failure layers.  Also, consider whether they can navigate using the player menu, as well.

Hope that helps!

Lindsey Morris

I have added a timer to the course and set the player to always resume.

We have noticed that if a user is on a question for an extended period of time and they close the browser window then the time will re-set to what it was when they started the question. For example, if they start question five at 15 minutes, then sit there until 35 minutes and close the window, they will resume question five with 15 minutes on the timer.

Is there something that we have overlooked in the player settings that would stop the time from reverting back if they close the window?


Thank you!