Locking Quiz after Number of Attempts - Using SuccessFactors LMS

Sep 02, 2015

SuccessFactors is my first LMS, and I’m creating content with Articulate Storyline 2, which is my first authoring tool. I’ve got my first course created, and I’m up to the point of trying to set up the Knowledge Check as I’ve been directed to. Being this is so many firsts, I was hoping someone would be able to help get everything set up so that SF and Storyline can speak to each properly.

It’s a compliance course, let’s just get that said and out of the way. So, there’s a Knowledge Check at the end. The Knowledge Check is a Question Bank, pulling 10 random questions from 20. Passing score is 80%. Our Compliance Dept would like to lock the course after three attempts, so that assistance can be provided, and then unlock and allow the user to continue. How do I do this???

From the Storyline side - I originally set up the quiz to allow the user to retry. And I have since learned that I would have to use variables to count the number of times the user hits the Retry button, and then change the state of the Retry button to Disabled when the count reached the number of retries (2). So that effectively locks the course, the user calls in, intervention is provided, and we can reset the course. How, though? I can’t think of a way to reset the quiz for that one user. Has anyone used Storyline properties to set a number of attempts and lock a course, and then unlock it again when the user meets whatever requirements are needed to proceed?

The other option is to control the number of attempts by SF. But again I get stuck with how to reset the Storyline quiz. Should I set up the Results Slide Properties to NOT allow the user to retry the quiz? I would have to so that the failing score is sent to SF, learning is recorded as Incomplete - Not for Credit, and that is counted as attempt 1. Then the user should get attempt 2 without needing to reach out to anyone. So how is the Storyline quiz then reset? Is there a way to submit the failing score to the LMS to count as attempt 1 AND allow the user to have access to the Retry button in the course?

I’ve talked myself into circles on this one. Any advice on how to do this is greatly appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deanna,

Typically an entire course reset or resetting the score or determining which one to keep is handled by the LMS. So if you're able to use the quiz attempts limit set up with the variable, that's the first method and then you'll want to reach out to your LMS team for additional info. If they do reset the course for that particular user, it'll reset the attempts limit as well - so keep that mind as they'd have a new 3 attempts. 

Deanna McMillion


Thanks for the advice to set the quiz limit using Storyline functionality. However, I can't reach out to my LMS team for help, I am my LMS team! We're a relatively small company, who happens to also be experiencing a downturn in the our market, so I'm the LMS admin as well as the content developer until market conditions improve and we are able to expand the department. Can I just say this is the company's and my first exposure to an LMS and content authoring, I'm teaching myself both tools simultaneously, so it's the blind leading the blind around here!

So if I set a variable to disable the retry button, then no completion or score is submitted to the LMS, right? Using a custom results layer shown after the variable reaches the number of attempts and the score is still below passing, I can direct the user to contact the SME to discuss the content and request to have the course reset. So then I'm the one to get the call from the SME to reset the course. What next? :) It's not the LMS at that point, I would need to reset the Storyline quiz, right? How do I reset the quiz for that one user, taking the variable back down to zero on quiz attempts, on an already published course sitting on the company server? Or do I use the LMS to pull that assignment and manually assign the course again?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deanna,

It'll have to be the LMS that handles the reset of the course in terms of score and overall attempts. The Storyline attempts setting detailed here is going to only stop the user from clicking on "retry" after they reached the results slide and had X number of attempts. Depending on the LMS and settings it'll update the score reflected there every time the user reaches the completion point (the results slide you're tracking with in this scenario) or when the score is higher than previously achieved (so first attempt a score of 50%, second attempt a score of 70% and so on). 

I'd look through the settings on your LMS to see if you can do a reset or pull a users score off (assuming that'd reset them by default). The other, less desirable option - is when the user has attempted it and reached the max number of times, discussed with the SME and ready to try again, you have a separate, duplicate copy of the course in your LMS and assign them that one. Just make sure they have different names when you upload it or else it may overwrite the first one.