Locking slides in place in Storyline 360?

Oct 19, 2020


Is it possible to lock slides in place in place in Story View (or any other way)?

The courses I'm working on typically have 100+ slides and I'm finding that it's very easy to move slides around by mistake and they get out of order easily.

Now I'm super paranoid that slides will get moved to the wrong spot that I'm checking each course several times and it's taking forever! Hoping for a way to lock down slides to ease my paranoia.

Thank you!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Brooke!

Great question! All slides in Storyline 360 can be moved to a new location in Slide View or Story View. We don't currently have a feature request for locking slides in place in Storyline 360, so I'll be happy to create one on your behalf.

We'll keep you updated in this discussion if this makes it on our feature roadmap!

Reto Schilliger

Hi Brooke

I fully understand your problem.  I had negative experiences with a course with slightly more than 200 slides. For the final version I had just made some text corrections, and in the published new version some slides were exchanged without me noticing. Didn't like the surprise ...

Tip to prevent such effects: Never work in a strongly minimized story view (on the left of the slide view) with big projects. I suspect the problems occur when clicking on the very small slide images with a memory already at its limits ... a simple click and moving the mouse away may turn into a drag & drop action. At least this is, what I suspect ...

With my mentioned project I only access sliides from the full story view. 
(And yes, before publishing, I use the same view to check the correct order. )
Since working that way, I have not run into similar errors.



Walt Hamilton


You are absolutely right about how easy it is to rearrange the slides, in exactly the way you described, but they  can be locked.

The only to prevent that is not to use "Jump to next slide" triggers. If you use "jump to slide name" triggers. they will never change positions. Dragging one around will change its number, but the trigger will always jump to the name. The time it takes to create those triggers may be a lot less than what it takes to be finicky about working with them, and checking to see that they are still in order.