Locking Steps to a Process

Good Afternoon Lovely ELH!!

I could use some assistance, please.

Slide 1.2 I want Step 2 to be disabled until the user clicks on Step 1, I would also like a notification (or text) to display telling the user must click on Step 1 first. I want the same for when a user tries to access Step 3, the user must click on Step 2 first. 

I so appreciate your assistance,

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Marquita Jackson-Minot

Thank you Michael, maybe the updated version I just added. What I need is on slide 1.2, I do not want users to be able to click on Step 2 until after the user clicked on Step 1. I already created variables but I am all thumbs when it comes to variables. Can you assist? Thank you so much. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Marquita!  It looks like Michael used states to control clicking through those three options.  He added transparent shapes over steps 2 and 3 to prevent the user from clicking on those steps prematurely. 

When the state of step 1 is Visited (which happens when the user clicks on the picture), the transparent shape of step 2 changes state to Hidden.  Visually, it doesn't look different, but functionally, it's as if that shape isn't even there, allowing the user to click the next step.  He also added a visual Disabled state for steps 2 and 3 to cue the learner that they aren't available yet.

Check out the triggers he added to make those state changes!

Will you want the document to open when the learner clicks the picture in step 1, just the text in step 1, or both?  In the current setup, it will probably make more sense to change the state of the step 2 objects when the learner clicks the step 1 text, rather than the picture since the text opens the document.

Let us know how you make out!

Marquita Jackson-Minot

Thank you so much Crystal. 

I have updated the course and am coming up with a challenge.

Slide 1.2 Step 1 body will take you to the document but when the user comes back to the slide they have to click either the body again or the Step 1 pic in order to "open" Step 2. Can you recommend a fix for this? Thank you

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marquita!

You have a trigger that won't allow the learner to click on Body 02 unless the Asset Management image is Visited.

Because of that, you'll need to add one more trigger to this slide:

Change state of Asset Management Policy to state Visited when User clicks object Body 01.

Give that a try, and let me know if you see an improvement!