logging completion in an LMS using scorm

So I'm having some issues getting a module to mark as complete; it has multiple user pathways and exit points, as it is a "create your own story" experience.

I want to module to mark as completed when a user exits at one of twenty finish points, depending on the pathway they choose.

At present we have tied the exit slides to a multiple response result slide with a finish button, and hoped that by submitting the results with the finish button it would lodge as complete. However our LMS records a score of 100, and marks the module as "in progress"

I'm going a bit mental trying to figure it out!


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Russel,

What does your LMS expect as a finishing parameter ?

SL can sent different completion parameters to your LMS.

This can be set up and changed as follows

Goto to the publishing screen

 Click the reporting and tracking button

 Select the finishing parameter your LMS requires