logic for number of attempts in freeform

Oct 10, 2016

hi, i am building a lesson for maths using free form. i have change default score to none. and build my own logic for scoring when correct layer appears. as i have change score to none, so option of number of attempts is also disabled. i want to build a logic that if first attempts is wrong the TA layer appear is second time user does wrong then the slide moves to next slide. can any build logic in my existing file which i have uploaded below.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mehran and thanks for sharing your .story file and allowing us to take a look. I added a variable (Attempt) so that your Incorrect layer would jump right to the TA layer if the variable was false, the variable adjusts to true when the timeline of TA starts, added a trigger to jump back to your base slide when timeline ends for the layer...

Does that sound like what you are kinda looking for? Your updated file is attached. I wasn't sure what else needed to go on, so that's all I looked at and hopefully that will get you started.

Mehran Khan

yes you got it rite a bit, thank you for your response. but what i am asking that if user does it wrong on first attempt "Incorrect layer" appear for 2 seconds the "TA Layer" appears with all boxes reset to blank. if still user get it incorrect then again shows incorrect and jump to next question/slide after 2 seconds. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mehran,

It looks like you just need to adjust the additional trigger for the Show layer TA to "when timeline reaches 2s" vs. what Leslie modified with it when timeline starts. Since you don't have more than one question in this file, there is no where else for the TA layer to jump to currently so that way you're stuck on that layer. 

Mehran Khan

Hi Ashley, i have sort out my issue, thank you so much or continuously replying to my queries, know i am left with a single issue, when user does first attempt wrong "Incorrect appears for 2 sec" then "TA" Layer appears. the problem i am facing when "TA" appears i am unable to edit textentry in slide. i have uploaded updated version kindly look into it. if you can solve this problem for me.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mehran,

I tested out your file, and since it's set up to just be a survey question, once they've answered it their answers are locked in. There are a few ways you could handle this:

First you could include a blank slide that the user is automatically brought to when the timeline of the TA layer ends, and then that blank slide has a trigger to jump to the pick many slide when the timeline starts - that way the user never really sees the blank slide - and they're brought back for an additional attempt at the question.

Another option would be to change it to be a scored question and allow more than on attempt. You can remove all the scoring elements, but including that set up would allow the user to reenter text. 

Hope that helps! 

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