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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Daniel,

From the file name, it looks like you're using Becky's file that was shared here. Is that right?

If so, the username is entered in the first text entry field - by the user. The password is the only variable that's set in advance. 

You can pull that username in again through a slide if you'd like, by placing the variable text in a text box. 

If that's not the file you're using, or if you still have trouble, please try sharing a little more information.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Christine and Daniel,

I happened to see that Daniel inadvertently answered you, Christine, on this thread, so I'm pasting his response here

Yes this is the one I was talking about

 So the username is not important, only the password?

 If I add an exam results screen will that name be placed on the results slide?

 Thank you for responding

What Christine is saying is that in the example, users can type in ANY user name, but they MUST type in the preset password.

And, yes, if you add a reference to the username on the Results slide, the each user's name will appear there. See the attached. Type your name (or any name!) into the user name box on the first slide, and type the password, 12345, into the password box.

When you click next, you'll see that the name you typed in the user name box on the first slide appears after Hello on slide 1.2

To insert a reference on a slide, Insert a text box onto the slide

  1. From the Ribbon, click the Insert tab and
  2. Click Reference (in the text group)
  3. In the References dialog box, click the variable that you want to reference (in this case username, highlighted in orange)
  4. Click OK.

Back on the slide you'll see that the reference has been inserted into the text box.

Please shout out with any other questions.