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Simcha Wolfe

Thanks Leslie!  

I have attached several screenshots of the graphics issue and a couple of slides where the issue is replication. 


Menu - top Right - formatting is off                                                                                                              Menu - Scroll over text - cannot be edited and is not updating to align with the content that was refreshed                                                                                                                                                    White - Fly Forward arrow-  (bottom right) cannot be manipulated/moved/object identification is hidden in the programming

This course was initially developed in Storyline 2 and I have been working on refreshing content in Storyline  - Articulate 360. 



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Simcha,

Thanks for sharing the details and your .story file so that I could take a look.

The items you are asking about are located on the Slide Master, which is why you're not seeing them when you are editing the slide.

You can certainly take a look and make any adjustments there if needed:

View > Slide Master > It looks like it's the 2nd Parent Slide in the Slide Master and you can see the base slide items and the layers associated with it.

Hope that helps :)