Logo and Slide Title Line up correctly in Slide Master, but not in story view


I created a slide master that has a logo positioned in the upper left, and the slide title is positioned next to it so that they are on the same line. In the slide master view, they appear correctly aligned. But in story view, the logo appears lower than the slide title. I have tried everything to move the logo around to try to get it to line up in story view, to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Cindy,

do you already have published your course?

Do you observe the same problem in your published course? Maybe it is only a rendering problem in the SL-editor while "previewing" -- even in story view.

I have made similiar experiences like you with SL in one or two situations.


If nothing else will help, there is a solution to this :-)

Create an Image in a graphic tool which contains your logo and your aligned text.
the text would then be a graphic to but this will solve your problem.

I am aware that this is only a workaround.... ;-) I would prefer another solution.

Advantage of this solution: your header with the Image and text will look the same in every published content: flash, mobile and app. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cindy -- I agree with Jan; please be sure to check out this info on Publishing and Sharing Your SL2 Content, and let us know if that does the trick. Otherwise, feel free to share some screenshots to illustrate the behavior you are experiencing or the story file itself and we'll gladly take a closer look.