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Alan Redensek

I have the same issue, however I have been unable to resolve it! Using a jpeg or a png file for the logo doesn't output anything in HTML5.

I did a little digging and it turns out that it did work with the RC9 beta...but it no longer works with the latest version trial.

You can see from my folder contents that the logo.png file doesn't end up in the mobile folder. Looking in the story_content folder reveals the logo.swf file for both versions. So, the flash is getting exported correctly but the HTML5 is not. 

Dave Mozealous

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread, but wanted to give you guys an update.  If you were working with the beta of Articulate Storyline your logo won't appear in the published output for any logo added during the beta.  The issue was we were storing all imported logos as SWFs, so we could only publish them as SWFs, so they won't appear in HTML5.

To fix this issue:

1. Go into Player Template

2. Delete the logo

3. Re-add it

Also, if you insert a logo as a SWF, that also will not appear in HTML5 because we don't support SWFs in the HTML5 output.

If that doesn't resolve the issue please log the issue with our support department so we can get your project file and investigate:



Dave Mozealous

Hey Dennis,

I'm going to have someone reply to the other thread, sorry it went unanswered for so long.  I want to make sure we get to the bottom of those issues you reported because you shouldn't be running into issues like that.

But in regards to the issue you have with the logo, it should be resolved by removing and re-adding if the player template was created in the beta.  If it was added after the beta we will want to chase down why that happened.  I haven't seen that happen post beta.


Margaret Kelsey


I'm on this string now because I've just uploaded my first Storyline course and am finding that the logo (and other functionality) is not appearing in the IPad app.  Nor are any of the color choices I gave to the player.  Nor are many of the hotlinks working.  (Triggers to jump to another screen based on clicking an object.). 

It's playing fine as a regular presentation using the launcher.html file in a web browser. But, well... dare I state the obvious... I could have achieved that sticking with Presenter. 

Did I miss a setting somewhere?