Logo in player shows in Firefox but not Chrome

Oct 11, 2018

I have Storyline 2.  I have produced several modules using imported PowerPoints with audio and animation.  I am using the same player skin for all of them.  In the player, we have a department logo .jpg.  I publish to LMS (Moodle), with HTML5.  I do not include the Articulate app as part of it.  I then create the SCORM zip file.  All good.  Upload to Moodle no problem.  But then when I play it back, the logo does not show up in Chrome.  Just a broken image icon.  It's good in Firefox.  The Flash playback is good as well.  But I need the HTML5 so that it will play in Chrome and on mobile.  Also does not show up in Safari or Chrome on my iPhone, or Chrome on Android.  It DOES show on iPhone in this minimal browser I have called Puffin.  Everything else about the modules plays correctly everywhere.  Just the logo.

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