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Rachel Nickson

Hi Peter,

I don't mind so much that the logo's are supported in the mobile player - but the fuzziness I can't leave with!

Do you know the exact dimensions that the logo is supposed to be? And what format is best to use? And no, the logo is a high resolution image - not taken from any other source!

Thank you!

Peter Anderson

Hi Rachel, 

For best results, use an image that is a maximum of 200 pixels wide and 220 pixels high. If your image doesn't fit within those dimensions, Storyline will scale it to fit.

Note:  When you add a logo to your sidebar, Storyline includes a border and slight shadow on it. If you want to change or remove either of these, no problem—you can customize their colors (or make them transparent) by modifying your player's color scheme

Also, have you set the player to fill the browser window? Player elements, such as the title and menu, may look blurry in HTML5 content when compared to the crispness of the Flash version of the same course. This can occur if you've chosen to scale the player to fill the browser window.

This issue stems from how web browsers currently handle text that dynamically scales in HTML5 content. To prevent the loss of quality due to scaling, lock the player at optimal size rather than allowing it to fill the browser.

Rachel Nickson

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the additional information.

I've tried setting the bg and shadow to 100% transparency and that didn't make any difference, so I assume that the issue is that the player is set to scale to fit browser window, like you say.

Thank you -  I shall see if we can live with it, given that I prefer the scaling to browser window!

Thank you again,