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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Beverly!

For best results, use an image that is a maximum of 200 pixels wide and 220 pixels high. If your image doesn't fit within those dimensions, Storyline will scale it to fit.

Note:  When you add a logo to your sidebar, Storyline includes a border and slight shadow on it. If you want to change or remove either of these, no problem—you can customize their colors (or make them transparent) by modifying your player's color scheme

For more information take a look at the following tutorial:

Choosing Player Features

Now, if your logo is smaller than the recommended size, you could always add a border to that image that matches the color  you're using for the player. Or, you could even create a transparent border - this may work pretty well for what you're wanting to accomplish. This would keep the image from scaling and it would appear a little more "crisp" if you're able to get the border and logo to match the suggested dimensions. 

I hope this helps!


Geert De Rycke

Hi Beverly,

If your logo is taking up too much real estate think of this.

  1. Put your menu on the top of your player
    You'll get some more space to the left of your screen
  2. Open the slide master window view
  3. Put your logo on an existing master slide of create a new one there and add you're logo to it.

In this case, you'll have can use the complete window and have you're logo displayed when necessary. EG have a slide layout with and the same without your logo...