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Wendy Farmer
Gillian Blair

as a broken link

Hi Gillian

are you using the classic or modern player? Which version of SL are you using and are you working from your local drive? Is the logo stored on your local drive or network drive.  Below are the specs for sizing - could that be an issue?

KB article

To add a logo to the top of the sidebar, mark the Logo box, then use the Click to add a logo link to browse for an image.

For the modern player, the maximum height of the logo is 170 pixels. The width varies since the sidebar changes size to fit the learner's browser. Storyline will scale your image to fit the available space. (The logo won't show in the modern player when you disable all the sidebar tabs.)

For the classic player, the maximum width of the logo is 200 pixels, and the maximum height is 220 pixels. If your image is bigger than these dimensions, Storyline will scale it to fit. (When you use the classic player, your logo won’t display on tablets and smartphones.)