Logo on Classic player not showing its transparent background...

...it appears in a white box (I am using the black option). It is a PNG and is plenty big enough to fill the entire space allowed. If I change the background from transparent to black, it still has a white outline around it. I cannot provide a screen print because of contractual obligations. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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Katie Riggio

Hey, Susan. Happy to dive in!

Here's a short recording of my testing in the latest Storyline 360 update. I'm having trouble recreating the white border around the logo during preview, so I'll need your help with these key details:

  • What version of Storyline are you using? To find this detail, click on the Help tab > About Storyline.
  • Does the problem happen during preview, in the published output, or both?
  • Is this happening with any .png file or a particular one?

We'll figure this out together!

Carl Beyboer

We are finding a similar problem. Players menu is grey but adding a logo in the "Modern" or Classic Player and the logo appears over white, NOT the light grey of the rest of the menu.  To further confuse things, initially we saw this on my home machine, re-export the logo from .AI and the problem went away.  Then back on the work machine with the same portable storage attached, the exact same logo stopped being transparent again.


Logo created in AI - a dark charcoal over transparent
AI>file export>choose .png, art-box selected to force artwork to document size not asset inside document size (makes no difference to uncheck this option)

Then in Articulate

Player>checkbox logo>click to add logo
browse up a transparent .png file with logo

Sidebar is the default modern grey, but the logo sits in an area of white.  Preview - same result, SCORM cloud, also over white.

For a laugh, exported from AI with a matching grey background to Articulate, no transparency.
Repeat import of logo and now the logo sits with white bars above and below it, then the grey menu bar.

Tried different sized logos - 200px wide, 500 and 1000 in case it was a scaling issue. No change

Tried using classic and setting the page colour - still wrong.

One more weirdness - set the players theme to dark:

Player>colors & effects> dark
OMG, the logo is transparent and sits over the black background correctly!!!!

Also tried .wmf import and .tff import.  Is this a bug?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Carl and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are seeing when you add your logo.

I've opened a support case on your behalf so that we can take a look at your file and work with you 1:1. I've already sent an e-mail with an upload link so that we can take a look at your file.