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Joe Boss

Hi there, thanks for the reply.  I found the issue by reading through the code and as per my second edit above, the issue is caused by Storyline converting the PNG logo into a SWF.

I found an online PNG to SWF converter that preserved the transparency but crucially, maintained the quality as well.

Will Findlay

Ashley, I think the problem is that Storyline/Presenter scale the image down. This scaled logo panel size probably hasn't changed since 1024x768 monitors were considered large, and back then, it probably didn't matter, but what happens now is that Articulate scales it down, but then when people view it on their large monitors, it gets scaled back up. If anyone has a current example of a logo not looking blurry, I would love to see it.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Will,

The Storyline player optimal size is based on the slide size you've set and the additional padding for player elements, so it's not restricted to one set size. 

If you have some examples of logo issues that you'd like us to take a look at, we're more than happy too! Feel free to share it with our Support Engineers, and I'll follow along in your case.