Looking for a pre-built donut chart for Storyline 3

Hi, I am looking to use this same interaction that was built for Storyline 360. It's available as a course download on this site. I have SL3. Can anyone point me in the direction of where something like this is available as an asset? Or give me tips on how to build it myself? I have created a donut chart in PPT, but I can't get the different sections to be individual elements that I can control via state changes, etc. Thank you for your help.

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Teresa Scanlon

Thank you, Walt! This is great. It actually inspired me to create my own donut using several triangles to form a hexagon. I put a white donut shape on the outside of the group to cover the triangle edges, and added a white circle to the middle as you suggested. Still working on it but I've got a start and can control the hover states very well. 

Wondering if anyone else has any suggestions!