Looking for a Storyline subcontractor to take some projects

My business is taking on a lot of projects right now and I'm looking for another developer to work with my team.  It's quite a simple process.  I would send you a storyboard in PowerPoint and you would import and create in Storyline and send back to me.

If interested, please email me and include a couple of examples of your work and your normal hourly wage. (or module wage if you prefer...ie a 30 page module would cost "x")  Numbers aren't set in stone just will help us for our first project to set expectations. (for example if your hourly wage was $25/hr and you sent me back a completed module that I didn't have to do any additional work on before it went to the client then there would be room for me to send you bonus money which would vary by project)

Thanks very much,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fraser, 

You may want to also post this request in the Building Better courses forum and/or the FreelanceHeroes thread to get some more responses. If you have moreinformation you'd like to have included in the Community's weekly post one-learning positions, you could also fill out this form to share the information. 

Good luck in your search!