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Oct 11, 2019


I need to create  "micro learnings" on our various departments within our company.   I am calling these small learning "department overviews" and I am looking to find a storyline template that is professional yet engaging.   Does anyone have a template that could be used for this purpose that they are willing to share?   

Thank you!

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Check out the "meet the team" examples in the following e-learning challenges. You'll find some good ideas as well as some free downloads:

35 Interactive Org Charts and Meet the Team Examples for E-Learning Designers #244 https://community.articulate.com/articles/org-charts-and-meet-the-team-examples/

Interactive Org Charts Recap https://community.articulate.com/articles/interactive-org-charts-elearning


Christa Meer

Hi Montse! Thank you so much for the links above.  They are really insightful!   I am looking for a template that provides a focus on more of what the department does and not really who the department is.  Does that make sense?    I was hoping for some engaging slides with some different transitions that will allow of the purpose/mission of the department to be provided.   Any and all ideas are welcome!!

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