Looking for an LMS solution

I work for a startup company.  We have just notified that we will receive funding for Articulate 360.  So we all pretty excited about that.

But....  They are not going to fun us getting an LMS.

I feel that we are dead in the water.  I would like to figure out a possible solution.

If you have any ideas, please share.


Thank you,




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Math Notermans

As your main rapid authoring tool for development will be Articulate...and probably thus Storyline and Rise, your main concern is that the LMS works properly with Articulate Scorm and xApi output. If you will be outputting Scorm or xApi that is.

Some work perfectly, others not. So its something to test and research for sure. And most LMS vendors will blame the developer of the authoring tool and the developers will blame the LMS-company, so it is really important to see and test it working.

Personally i use Wordpress in combo with Brian Batt's Wordpress plugin to install Articulate courses quick and easy.

I know both Moodle and Canvas have issues with getting data properly from Articulate courses.
I know Docebo and TalentLMS work well with Articulate data.

But as said...do test it yourself upfront.