Looking for (Contractor to) help with Login to either (a) MySQL or (b) Articulate Online based on a slide in Articulate Storyline

Hi All,

I'm putting together a (hopefully) fun elearning course. When learners login, I want it to be against the customized background in the attachment. Specifically, this would be a Storyline file in which cars move along the street in a loop (see mock basic draft: http://www.gff.events/MockDraftLogin/story.html).

I've checked out the Articulate Online LMS, but it seems that the login page for learners can't be customized as per above.

I also have a MySQL database, but unfortunately have no idea how to add in the PHP and Javascript code that would be necessary to link Storyline and MySQL.

This thread (https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/connect-storyline-with-mysql) appears to have the necessary info to do this, but my programming skills are far too basic to understand it.

My question: would anyone with the necessary expertise be available to help out with this login issue (against a fee, of course)?

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