Looking for cool interactions using the SL interction options


Since most of our team is not familiar with all the SL interactions, I was thinking of showing them which cool options can be done with the drag-n-deop, multiple object selection etc.

Can you point to, upload, provide links within this site or in others of sucj innovative\cool use of ineractions (even cool quizzes).


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Phil Mayor

Hi Efrat, Storyline is very much a blank canvas application it is possible to build whatever you want within reason, there are plenty of good interactions already on this site.

Often when building interactions I look outside of Storyline and elearning for examples, I will look to what web designers are building and copy that.

I think it is better to look for inspiration outside of what other instructional designers are doing.

Efrat Maor

Hi, thanks!

Since most of us, especially the ones that do not produce and develop scipts for eLearning, are not aware of the options that became available in SL (and most now in Studion '13 as well) 

So in such a case they are used to "cut their wings", since they assume we cannot produce these ideas internally.

I wanted to show the opportunitinies that SL provides, in order to emable whole of the team to fly high.

Doing so while watching other examples is much more beneficial than just naming the options.

And Anhony thanks for the link!!

Gayla Keesee

Efrat, I agree with you. I find so much inspiration from looking to see how other IDs are pushing the envelope using Storyline. I also appreciate those who are willing to share their files so I can deconstruct and figure out how they created their interaction. I am much more of a graphic person, so the variables and conditions often throw me for a loop. I love the possibilities, but am often not sure HOW to create an effect/interaction.