Looking for courses to create

Jan 21, 2015

Hi all,

I am not on this much so mods if I put this in the wrong place feel free to remove it/ put it somewhere else or point me in the right direction. I am fairly advanced at Articulate presenter from my old job. However now I have a technical writing job and am looking to get back into instructional design. I am looking for some courses to create with Articulate Storyline. Just a course to get me started on storyline, something with a general concept, pages, a quiz, I guess I am looking for a course that may encompass all the features of Storyline so I could learn how to create them. Just have the trial at the moment. Obviously since I have a job it is something I would like to do in my own time. Also looking for somewhere that my work can be evaluated i.e, if it is any good, what I am doing right/wrong.

Any suggestions anyone?

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