Looking for help with a slider effect

Hello folks.


I have been attempting to create an effect using a slider that so far I have not been able to master.  What I am trying to do s have an object move along the screen as I move the slider.  The slider is set to be in the center and when moved left the image moves left and then back to the right when the slider moves right.  I have set four motion paths for the image to move when triggered by the slider, but so far I can only get three to work.  The problem is that two of the triggers are set to go back to the same spot for two different paths, but only one will work.  You can see the published version here. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78039977/Slider%20Test/story.html

I have attached the source files in case anyone would care to look and could explain to me what I am doing wrong.  Thanks folks!

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Michael Hinze

You didn't actually include the .story file, so I made up a quick example. Rather than using motion paths, I made the image part of another slider that is driven by the variable attached to the first slider. That way, as the first slider is dragged, the 'image slider' moves with it. Hope that makes sense.

Wilson Santiago

Hi Michael.  Thanks for the quick and awesome reply!  I did not explain my intended use however.  What I planned to do was have a line of objects that would move with the slider and scroll on and off the screen as the slider moves left and right.  Your solution works great for a single object, but could I do it with multiple objects?

P.S. I updated the attachment in my first post.  Sorry about that.

Michael Hinze
Craig Murphy

Hi wilson - I know it's ancient history but did that work? mine goes blurry for some reason



As far as I know the blurriness is a known issue with bitmap slider thumbs. I'm running the latest SL360 update and it's not fixed.