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Hello community. 

I have a challenging question.  I have been asked to do a questionnaire to look at leadership and areas for improvement.  The request is to take the responses of "Importance to your job" and "Your current proficiency" and plot that on an x y graph.  The graph will show you where you need to focus your efforts for self improvement.  Each is a scale of 1-5.  My initial thought to accomplish this is change state of attribute1 to x1y1 on condition x = 1 and y = 1, etc. I am sure I could do this with 25 different states and 25 triggers for each response but as there are 50 questions it would be great if there was a better way. 

I have attached a portion of the questions. The first graph was my first plan but it is not in the format that we need. In the second graph I tried to use a slider connected to one of the variables with 5 states depending on  the answer to the first attribute but the slider does not want to go to that state.  Perhaps sliders do not accept states? 

I have seen the elearning challenge on graphing but none seem to be doing what i am trying to accomplish.



Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.



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Thanks Michael.

The states were to move the whole slider from left to right to do the other axis while the button was in its position from the other variable. I have the slider verical. I may not be explaining that we'll enough.


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Walt Hamilton

The attached sample has two variables on a scale from 1 - 5.

There is 1 slide that allows the user to set the values, then advance to the static slide to see the results. There is also a dynamic slide where the user can change the valuse and see the results in real time.

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Thank you Walt.  that is an interesting way to tackle this.  It works great for one plot point but may be challenged for multiple ones like a scatter plot which is kind of what they are after.  it also still gives me 10 triggers per variable.  I really appreciate you taking the time to try and help me though.

My question for a staff person remains.  do states work on sliders?  My attempt was to move the entire slider's position on the screen based on states and it does not move.  It allows me to make the states but does not show them when triggered.

I fear this may not be possible in Storyline but it was fun trying.