Looking for Insight into Create a Point and Click Style Game

Jul 16, 2014

Hello Articulate Community:

I've got an idea for an educational game, though I don't have the first idea how to create it, which is hopefully where you come in with some genius insights.

I'm an Educator working in a hospital setting. Obviously hand hygiene is an extremely important aspect of the clinical work we do. I would like to "jazz up" our existing linear presentation on this subject. In my mind I see a little illustrated C-Difficile cartoon character running around the screen. The learner would need to click on the germ (perhaps their icon could be a bottle of hand sanitizer or something like that). When they "catch" the germ by clicking on it, an information bubble will appear offering up quick facts about hand-hygiene compliance at our hospital. I thought this would be a fun, interactive way to introduce the topic before moving into the more content-heavy portion of the e-module.

Do you think I can do something like this in Storyline? Does anyone have any experience with click/tap type games?

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Greg Faust

As for the technical side of this, there are a few ways to do it. I suggest using states.

First, create your states. I'll call the object "Bacterium" from here on:

  • Create your object "Bacterium" in the appropriate starting location.
  • Select the States tab (directly above the timeline).
  • Edit States
  • Duplicate your "Normal" state.
  • By selecting the new state (I would just call the states 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) in this tab, you can move, resize, add to, or even replace your original image. Set it up to look like it needs to in its second position.
  • Repeat for all the different positions you want (max number of states for an object is 100).

You'll also need a counter variable. Type: Number; Default 0. I'll call it "Counter"

Now let's make that counter increment every time "Bacterium" is clicked. Create a trigger (right-side of screen):

Adjust Variable

Operation +Add

Value 1

When User Clicks Bacterium

Now, whenever someone clicks the bacterium, you also want it to change to the appropriate state:

Change State of


To [insert appropriate state number]

When User Clicks Bacterium

(Show Conditions)

If Counter = [insert appropriate number]

You'll need to duplicate this trigger for each state the bacterium switches to.

For example, the first click will change the bacterium from the starting state (normal) to the first changed state (1) when Counter = 1.

That will make your bacterium go through its states.

Note that if you want this slide to reset to its original position (e.g. when the page is revisited or the user goes through all the bacterium states), you'll have to add a trigger to reset Counter to 0. You may also need a trigger to Change State of Bacterium to Normal if Counter = 0.

Once that's done, you'll still need your informational popups. There are a few options for this, and it comes down to an aesthetics and user interface issue. You could

  • have markers appear with each bacterium state
  • have each bacterium state have an associated text box
  • have a closeable popup info box come up when the bacterium is clicked

All these options will work on the same idea as the bacterium moving:

  • Change a state (to Normal or a custom state) or show a layer when user clicks Bacterium, If Counter has the correct value.
  • Possibly change a state to hidden or hide a layer when user clicks the "hide this info popup" button.
  • Possibly change your counter increment and bacteria movement triggers to occur when the info text box is closed.

I would suggest only creating the triggers for the first three or so states, so you can test and see how you like the interaction. Once you get the clicking behavior you want, then duplicate it for all the states.

Does that help get you started, anyway?

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