Looking for inspiration - Course on traffic management

Mar 16, 2023


Am in the process of designing a content and regulation heavy course on managing traffic on roadways during planned or emergency work for a utility company.

Am looking for ideas and thoughts on ways I can approach this topic creatively and make it engaging.

Would love to hear from the community and anyone who has worked on something similar.

Look forward to hearing from you all!








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Eric Schaffer

WOW, just thinking about the many times I drive past a utility company working on a road and how I would make it better for traffic and safer for the workers. 

I think if you can video some work sites, then add some scenarios on how to make it safer that the learner can pick from. If it makes sense they get a star or a point. At the end it adds the points and if they get a set score they pass. Also add some hints or tips.


Good luck