Looking for interaction ideas

I am creating an Advent calendar for my four and six year old grandchildren  in Articulate.  I have created 12 activities and need more ideas.  So far I have drag and drops of decorating  a Christmas Tree, decorating a snowman, find the hidden object, and filling Santa’s bag with presents; links to a Christmas music video and a recipe.  From this site I have downloaded a soccer match quiz, tic tac toe, and a tour of New York (they live in Brooklyn).  
I am relatively new to Articulate and it needs to be done by December 1. 


I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you.



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Joseph Francis

A few ideas come to mind.

  • Light and blow out the candles on the Advent wreath (layer toggle based on click)
  • Select from several wrapping paper "swatches," wrap a gift, then select from several bows to complete the present (radio button-style interactions)
  • From 3-5 "piles" of gifts, fill 2-3 stockings with equal amounts of gifts (drag and drop with tracking) 
  • Find the "Elf on the Shelf" hidden in a picture of a room (hot spot or hot object)
  • Using cartoon bodies with pictures of their heads on them, pick from various articles of clothing (winter and summer, so stocking cap or sunglasses, coat or t-shirt, long pants or shorts, boots or sandals, mittens or sunscreen) to dress appropriately to go sledding. If they "go outside" with one or more wrong articles on, change the faces to somethin like this 🥶, then let them "fix" their clothing choices.